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Living in the Future, Keynote on Disruptive Trends, e-Estonia, and more.

Spotify Layoffs, Keynote on Disruptive Trends, Bitcoin Halving, and more.

Immersive Tech Week Takeaways & Exploring Rotterdam

OpenAI Drama and other thoughts...

WebSummit 2023 Takeaways & Exploring Lisbon

Be Rich or be King / OpenAI DevDay & GPT Wrapper Startups / WebSummit23

Exploring the Finnish Innovation- and Startup-Ecosystem

Exploring the Estonian Innovation- and Startup-Ecosystem

Seeing Around Corners

The Quest for Immersion

The Future is already here...

Why Speculation is Bad for Communities + WalletFrens Genesis NFT

Lufthansa's NFT Loyalty App Uptrip

Keynote Speaker Trends & Innovationen

Keynote Speaker Web3

Keynote Speaker Metaverse und Extended Reality (XR)

Keynote Speaker künstliche Intelligenz (KI)

AI - Biggest Hype Bubble of all time?

The spirits that I called...

Keynote Speaker AI

Hinton on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Macrotrends Driving Business Transformation...

Keynote Speaker Disruptive Technologies

Keynote Speaker Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Keynote Speaker Metaverse and Extended Reality

Keynote Speaker Web3

Keynote Speaker NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Thomas Metzler, Ph.D.

Expert Moderator For Your Tech Conference

Follow the money…

Apple Vision Pro & Meta Quest 3

"Tech, Money & Art" Conference & WalletFrens Co-Founder Meetup in Brazil

The last two months...

Privacy in the Metaverse: An Oxymoron?

Datenschutz im Metaverse: Ein Oxymoron?

Why buy a .eth name?

Warum einen .eth Namen kaufen?

Open Edition NFTs

Open Edition NFTs

A Web3 weekend in Munich...

Ein Web3-Wochenende in München...

Metaverse: Hype or inflection point?

Metaverse: Hype oder Wendepunkt?

Interview "Metaverse - the Future of the Internet?"

Interview "Metaverse - die Zukunft des Internets?"

Review 2022 / Outlook 2023

Rückblick 2022 / Ausblick 2023