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About Prof. Thomas Metzler, Ph.D.

Hi there! My name is Thomas. I am a professor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Marketing at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences in Austria / Europe, an entrepreneur and a partner in a startup center that I co-founded. For almost 15 years, I have the pleasure of being involved with pioneers who are breaking new ground, turning ideas into reality, launching projects, and making an impact in a variety of fields.

As a professor, I also have the privilege of working intensively on topics that interest me. And for me, these are trends, new business models, disruptive innovations & technologies (e.g. Web3 / AI / Metaverse / XR), the resulting opportunities and their impact on individuals, organizations & society as a whole.

I enjoy giving keynotes, workshops or courses on these topics. I lecture at various universities on the subjects of “Digital Business Models”, “Disruptive Technologies”, “Lean Startup” or “Entrepreneurial Thinking”.

I have my own company builder and each year I realize one idea. Currently I am working on WalletFrens.xyz, a network where you follow wallet addresses instead of people and see what NFTs they are buying or selling (learn more). I am an active DAO Council member.

That's me during a keynote speech (Bildcredits: Factor, Thomas Steinlechner).

Keynotes, Lectures, Workshops

My keynotes are carefully designed to offer the audience profound insights on technology trends, disruptive innovations, the impact of technologies like AI, Web3 or the Metaverse / Extended Reality on individuals, organizations and society at large. These developments not only open up new avenues for creativity and innovation, but are also transforming traditional business models. In my talks I guide leaders through this complex, rapidly evolving landscape, equipping them with thoughts on how to harness the potential of these disruptions. Attendees will gain a clear understanding of the current state of technological advancement and its potential impacts. The audience will be empowered to identify opportunities to leverage these developments for themselves, but they will also be able to critically reflect on limitations of these developments.

My goal with a keynote is to share knowledge, stimulate critical thinking, encourage dialogue, and entertain the audience. Because of my position as a professor, I am able to look at disruptive technologies with a balanced and critical view, presenting not only the benefits and opportunities, but also the challenges and ethical considerations they bring. I contribute a perspective that is free of corporate bias or commercial agendas, so that I can fully focus on providing meaningful insights for your audience.

A selection of conferences or companies I have given a talk for:

NFT NYC, FHV Business Summit, Blockchance Hamburg, Swiss Brand Congress, i2b, Südstern, Blum, University of St.Gallen, Startupland, startupstube, ZHAW, HTWG, Factor, WKO, Gebrüder Weiss, Poesis, TOWA, ms3 Day, Rotary, Bosch and many more…

I give keynotes in English or German. For speaking requests, please feel free to contact me by email via kontakt (at) metzlerthomas.com or via LinkedIn.

Below are a few impressions from past keynotes…

Keynote at an event that revolved around the topic of AI and Metaverse. What I really liked about this event is that there was a constructive and critical dialog with the participants. This is especially important with hype topics…
This is from a tech conference I organized myself at our university, where I gave the opening keynote. I have organized quite a few conferences and events in my life, so I understand the expectations, needs and challenges of event organizers very well.
When I speak at an event, I don't run off immediately after my keynote, but like to stay on site and chat with conference attendees. I enjoy that and I have the feeling that people appreciate it.
At the Swiss Brand Conference, I gave a keynote on disruptive technologies in the context of retail.
At the Factor studio talks in Austria I talked about emerging technologies with focus on Web3 and the Metaverse (Bildcredits: Factor, Thomas Steinlechner)
Dear Corporate Clients, thank you for paying for my speaking engagements, which also allow me to speak pro bono at selected events for children or teenagers on the topic of entrepreneurship or innovation.
This was fun: a (pro bono) keynote on entrepreneurship for 8-year-old elementary school kids. Tailored to the kids, I onboarded them onto the topic with a Paw Patrol analogy :)

I also enjoy moderating panels at professional events. So if you would like a critical thinking and challenging, yet friendly moderator for a panel at your conference, let me know.

At Blockchance in Hamburg, I moderated a panel on Loyalty and Fan Engagement in Decentralized Sports.
Fun Fact: I was speaking in New York at the world's largest NFT conference, called NFT NYC. The conference featured speakers and artists on the iconic billboards in Times Square, but I was so tired due to jet lag that I fell asleep and missed my appearance. Luckily though, it's a small world, someone on Twitter posted a picture with me on it, so now I have one :)


The thoughts published in this publication are my personal opinions and should not be viewed as investment advice. Readers should always do their own research. I own cryptocurrencies and NFTs of various projects, however in many cases it is for the sake of researching the field and gaining a deeper understanding of it and not for investment purposes. My content contributions are not paid for by a sponsor. If this should ever be the case, I will explicitly point it out.

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Prof. Thomas Metzler, Ph.D.

A weekly newsletter focused on the intersection of disruptive technologies, business, and society, curated for visionaries, innovators, and critical thinkers navigating tomorrow's landscape.