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Keynotes on the Impact of AI on Businesses and Society

Thomas Metzler is Professor of Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Innovation at FHV, a serial tech entrepreneur and a partner in the universities Startup-Center, which he co-founded (see Linkedin). With his academic foundation at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences and in his role as tech founder, he has dedicated over 15 years to deepening his understanding of how disruptive technologies like AI, Web3 or the Extended Reality are transforming the modern business landscape and societal structures.

AI's Role in Modern Business

The metamorphic potential of AI is impossible to overlook. AI is driving business transformation. It is fostering efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, and opening doors to entirely novel business strategies and business models.

Why Engage with a Keynote Speaker on AI?

The rapid momentum of technological innovation in AI mandates a profound understanding for businesses and leaders. Professor Thomas Metzler's AI-centric keynotes provide this much-needed insight. Each of the carefully crafted AI keynotes aims to:

- Highlight the far-reaching impact of AI on companies, business models and society.

- Showcase actionable strategies to capitalize on AI, stimulating innovation and growth.

- Highlight the challenges AI introduces, coupled with critical questions and thoughts on how to navigate them.

AI-Keynote Speaker Prof. Thomas Metzler, Ph.D.

Under Professor Metzler's guidance, audiences can expect to delve deep into AI's multifaceted world. Attendees will not only grasp the manifold opportunities and challenges AI presents but will also appreciate its overarching influence on organizations and the broader society.

The sessions are structured not merely to inform but to provoke critical thoughts, allowing participants to make sense of AI's potential while understanding its broader implications.

In today's rapidly evolving technology landscape, keeping up with AI developments is not only beneficial - it's imperative. As a keynote speaker on AI, Prof. Thomas Metzler bridges the gap between the complex world of AI and its concrete impact on businesses and society. Book a talk with Prof. Metzler to understand AI, get inspired and be prepared for the evolving AI era.

If AI's impact on your business or your industry has sparked your interest, reach out to Prof. Thomas Metzler on LinkedIn or contact him by email via kontakt (at)

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Keynote Speaker on AI: Prof. Thomas Metzler, Ph.D.

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