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Disruptive Technologies and Their Profound Impact on Organisations and Society

Disruptive technologies are no longer a distant concept; they're reshaping the landscape of businesses and society alike. Every industry, from healthcare to finance, is at the precipice of unprecedented transformation. It is a pressing concern for corporates to understand, anticipate, and leverage these changes to maintain their competitive edge and remain relevant.

Prof. Thomas, a renowned expert in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Marketing, offers thought-provoking keynotes on this critical topic. His in-depth knowledge, research, and real-world experiences as serial entrepreneur and co-founder of a startup centre equip him to guide business leaders through this rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Prof. Thomas Metzler, Ph.D. - Keynote Speaker on disruptive technologies.

His talks could range from discussing the latest trends in disruptive technologies, such as AI, Web3, and the Metaverse, to addressing how these developments are impacting business models, consumer behaviour, and societal norms. Furthermore, he can delve into the ethical implications and challenges posed by these advancements.

With his neutral perspective, Prof. Thomas Metzler provides balanced insights that transcend corporate bias or commercial agendas. His commitment is to share knowledge, stimulate critical thinking, and encourage meaningful dialogue. If you're looking for a speaker who combines knowledge, practicality, and a flair for engaging audiences, look no further.

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