Keynote Speaker Metaverse and Extended Reality

Venture into Virtual: The Metaverse and Extended Reality (XR)

The Metaverse & Extended Reality Technologies experience ups and downs in the media discourse. Hyped, then declared dead again. But what is really behind this development and what are the medium- to long-term applications and perspectives for the metaverse and extended reality technologies?

Will the metaverse and extended reality (XR) change the way we interact with digital spaces and offer businesses the potential to revolutionize customer experiences, processes and product offerings? For forward-thinking leaders, it is important to understand these developments, their opportunities and limitations.

As an academic and entrepreneur, Prof. Thomas Metzler, provides engaging keynotes on the Metaverse and XR. His expertise in disruptive technologies and innovation as well as his many years of teaching experience enable him to explain these complex concepts in an understandable and comprehensible way.

Prof. Metzler gives a keynote talk on Metaverse / Extended Reality.

Keynote topics might include exploring the Metaverse as the future of digital interaction, the role of XR in HR, marketing and customer engagement, potential business models in the Metaverse, and ethical considerations in these virtual worlds.

When you choose Prof. Thomas Metzler as your keynote speaker, you get an expert who approaches the topic from a balanced, unbiased perspective. He encourages the audience to not only understand but critically reflect on the impacts of Metaverse and XR.

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